You would like to submit all applications and documents online and in a secure environment? We would be happy to help.

The platform for secure communication in Bavaria gives you the opportunity to communicate securely with the competent authorities and/or the Point of Single Contact. You must agree to the terms of use of this platform and create a case mailbox for each new issue after registration or login. You can then upload documents, send messages and open received messages.

Login for registered users

Click "Sign up now" to log in via the authentication service "Authega".


If you have not yet registered, you have to register via the authentication service "Authega".

You have to enter your e-mail address and your address and define a password. Your e-mail address will be activated via an e-mail message containing an activation link and your address will be checked by sending a letter to the specified address, which contains an activation code.

Registration is required so that you have protected access to the documents you have uploaded and the correspondence with the competent authorities and/or the Points of Single Contact. Registration is free of change and complies with data protection laws. You can delete you account any time you wish.

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